Sunday, September 20, 2009

"better than Disney..."

No, I'm not kidding. at least that's what our kids said.

this year we decided it was time to try camp. we figured since none of our kids have ever experienced camp we would go for family week. there are several families from our church who go to Pine Cove and seeing that the camp is in Texas we knew it HAD to be good.

we had no idea...

it was camp...lots of camp type stuff like crafts (my favorite!), swimming, zip lines, canoes, horses and songs. BUT THE COUNSELORS ... they are worth every minute/hour in the car down and back.

i could type for days on how the camp really worked for each of us...the speaker we had as parents, the counselors and how they poured into our kids all week, but the only way to sum it up, the only way to help you understand how good it really was...

kids: "but we don't want to go to Disney next year...we want to come back to Pine Cove"

us: "seriously? we want to go to Disney"

kids: "this is waaaay better than Disney"

check it out.

and yes, they have "theme nights" for dinner...and yes, you dress up. and yes, rob is wearing coconuts.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

pump it up

you know that feeling you had when you were little and got that ice cream cone...two scoops. remember how excited you were...and how all that excitement drained from you immediately once the ice cream hit the cement.

i'm there.

ben learned to pump himself on the swings. just this weekend....i was very excited. i've been pushing kids in swings for over 11 years now...


now that he CAN pump....i find myself wanting to push him. (or hold onto him....)