Sunday, March 29, 2009

my mission...if i choose to accept it

ben obviously wanted something he couldn't reach...he worked his way up a chair and two beanbags to his desired destination. he was so excited to claim victory ... until he realized he needed to tell me something.


(again) "you need to dust up here..."

thanks tell me something i don't know.

(can you tell we live in tennessee? wow. nice accent.)

Monday, March 16, 2009


i think all i said was, "just a minute...let me grab my drink before we play legos."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

one of those weeks...

you know that feeling you get when you call the doctor about your sick child, the nurse says "go ahead and drive to the emergency room..." and your heart races. well, today was kind of like that....except it wasn't my child, it was the hard drive on computer and it wasn't was first thing in the morning and it wasn't the hospital, it was Mac Authority.

after what seems like an expensive medical bill my "baby" has been upgraded, uploaded and unpacked, plugged in and is running just fine. whew.

if you are wondering how much of my work was on that hard drive....check out the picture from my late night work schedule and just take a wild guess.

(for the record...i am not complaining about work....or working, getting work or needing to work just in case someone i may work for or with or WANT to work for is reading this - is that politically correct enough to stop my rambling now)

computers...can't live with 'em...can't pick them up and throw them through the wall without unplugging them first.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

no one believes me...

i know i've been busy...spring is just crazy with kids, work and things suffer...laundry, dusting, grocery store runs....and now the blog. i think i'll start by updating the blog first although doing laundry just sounds so fun.

i did get an e-mail from the "blog police" inquiring about updates...nice to know someone misses our dysfunction and chaos.

i told practically everyone our Christmas tree stayed up for a looooong time. too long. no one believes me. here's proof. we decorated it for valentine's day.

sad to say we finally took the tree down. not that we couldn't find more decorations for the coming months (do you know they actually sell eggs that you can hang...weird).