Wednesday, October 14, 2009

20 + years

20 years....and that's just from high school graduation. these girls have known me a LOT longer than that.

our high school reunion was last weekend and i'm not sure what is more amazing:

1. we're still friends
2. we all like each other's husbands
3. the husbands all like each other
4. we ate mexican food for every meal
5. i didn't bring my camera
6. none of us wore pink to the reunion

the truth is, i pray my kids have friends like these. the kind of friends that after 20 years...lisa is still on time to dinner, kerry is nothing if not prepared, the only one with a camera and me, well, i was late to dinner and i downloaded this picture from kerry's blog.

some things never change. and that's not a bad thing.