Friday, May 29, 2009

happy birthday!!!

we can't BE there to eat cake and drive 'em crazy....but we can wish LAUREN A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (of course it took a few tries)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


rob turned 40 a few weeks ago...and of course i did exactly what he wanted. nothing.

his birthday fell on Easter this year and of course that is one of the busiest times at church so a surprise party was just NOT an option. i've tried wasn't a good thing with his schedule.

SO....i did do ONE thing. i bought the worship & arts staff shirts with rob's FAVORITE saying, "I can't think of anything worse." he says it in response to most questions...of course, I added the number 40 to rob's shirt.

monday, after this birthday, rob walked into his staff meeting only to be greeted by a roomful of black I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING WORSE t-shirts.

now he can wear his new shirt while watching his real birthday present.....a new tv. that works...!

a LOT of work...

it's 80° and raining but it's Christmas at the Howard house...Christmas MUSICAL time that is...


i've decided we're nerds...we listen to the kids' music on itunes, watch their shows and movies...and we enjoy it all. guess that's why rob enjoys putting kids' musicals together. both caleb and sarah worked in the studio this time and a week later i had them working in the yard...yep, they both like the A/C studio more. big surprise!

anyone want to come over and help pull weeds?

(if you want to hear caleb or sarah on the recording you have to go to rob's blog...he's all fancy and posted the audio. he's smart like that)