Wednesday, October 31, 2007


i think the last time we had our picture taken together was.....well, a very long time ago.

NOW photo taken at mom's wedding reception: me, bettina and anya.
THEN photo sometime around 1975ish?: bettina (our horse dixie) me, then anya.

nice to know that my highlights in my hair still match (although they cost more now...)


Christina said...

Kirsten, Great to see a picture of all of the sisters. I met you when I lived in Texas as Anya's next door neighbor.

Anya told me how wonderful the wedding was and how much she enjoyed getting ready for it with you.

Great blog

Bronie said...

great pics, kirsten! i love the bangs and the boots from the 70's. emily loves dixie!

the NOW pic is great. you look fantastic! with everything that has happened, it's great that you have this picture. as different as you and your sisters look, your smiles are very similar and definitely display a family resemblance.

i hope the visit went well.