Monday, June 6, 2011

i'm back

... and the only reason is because i have beach pictures. let's be honest, who cares what i type - the point is photos.

8 years is entirely toooooo long to wait to go to the beach. ben had never been to a real beach. he loved it. caleb and sarah were certain they were the ONLY kids left in Williamson County that had not been to the beach in over a year (i'm pretty sure they were right...)

weather was perfect, water was warm, kids didn't fight as much as i expected and we didn't get a ticket down there or back so it was definitely a successful trip.

these are just a few of my favorite pictures... the ones without me in them :)

i took a LOT of pictures because i got a new camera for my birthday and i could not be more excited.

summer is here. baseball has started, soccer just ended - and already started again so it looks like my new camera will be getting quite a work out.

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RichFam said...

Welcome back! Good to see your blog again! And the pics are GREAT! But, somehow I think it didn't have much to do with your new camera... but the amount of FUN that you can see on the kids' faces. Adorable! :o)