Thursday, November 8, 2007

little big news...

it's officially - official. not sure how to word that but...rob's new adventure with friend and former boss from Word Music, David Guthrie, is ready to go. you can listen to their first kids' musical on-line for free...and check out the cool logo and book cover (shameless self promotion).

and yes, ...caleb has a solo (#15 'Life is Good with Jesus...the first solo "i give my life to you...." that part.)

i'm going to try and be cool and put a link the website...i hope it works.


Bronie said...

congratulations! i really like the music i've heard so far. i gave you a little "linky love" on my page as well.

who knew blogging would cause me to need BA (bloggers anonymous)?!
my house is starting to suffer from blogitis and my kids are developing blogophobia and fear that anything they say and/or do is potential post material. hey, wait...i could blog this. :)

The growing Adkinson family said...

Ok that is so sweet I have been meaning to call you and tell you how great his voice sounds. He's a Rob in the making :)