Friday, November 30, 2007


well, i sit here procrastinating...wanting to upload new pictures but my "thinga-majig" doesn't match the "plug in deal" on my camera's "output thingy." how's that for 5 years of college.

so i'm just posting so those of you, i mean both of you, who actually read this blog know that i'm ok, just busy, slightly unorganized and also completely incapable of finding the right "doo-dad" for my camera.

since my last post we have been on a "date with elmo" (which ben LOVED!), had a really good Thanksgiving (thanks to - best turkey ever) and one "Christmas morning" (my mom and grandpa bill were in town.) i now need to clean the house for "Christmas morning #2" - dad and karen are coming.

i am working on this year's Christmas card...the first design didn't make it past the judges (i.e. rob's many opinions....) but i am well into the 2nd and final design (regardless of the final score from the judges!)

i got the fancy new blog tree from my friend's blog (bronie - sorry, no finders fee) enjoy.


Bronie said...

glad to see you have, indeed, not been flung, i mean. i also know this because "the girls" (i mean jay and rob) chatted on the phone yesterday. whatever.

always look forward to your cards. you're way too creative for our own good; plus, we get to see pics of the kids.

and yes, i've been sniffing the soap. it's here and it's legal. that ok with you?

and good luck with that "thinga-majig" for the "output thingy."

we've got to stop talking like 2-year-olds.

Martha said...

Your other reader ... just checking in! :)


The growing Adkinson family said...

I knew you were ok when you posted on my blog. I forgot about elmo show the kids wanted to go good thing they forgot and me too. Cant wait to see the card. I keep trying to round my bunch up just to get the pic taken.