Monday, June 9, 2008

he said / she said

it's sunday and this morning i was quickly can we maneuver out of the church parking lot and grab lunch? i wanted to go to the pool. we don't have a pool...we want a pool...but we don't have one.

but we DO have a family pass to the local rec center - which includes the pool. it's no country club but it's better than the plastic kiddie pool we have in the backyard.

i was thinking, now THIS is summer...the kids were ready to swim, the pool was crowded, but manageable, and ben actually entertained himself quite easily in the little pool. not much whining at all - from anyone. i even told rob to turn the car around and grab his book...i didn't roll my eyes or sigh as if to signal the fact that taking the kids to the pool would actually require any help from him.

sun was out, pool was open, kids were happy...half-full.

well, my cup anyway.

check out rob's


Misty Burns said...

Tell Rob it is time for your own pool!!! You guys have a perfect backyard for it. Then you could swim ALL of the time--minus the hairballs! (gross) hehehe.

Anonymous said...

You need your own pool FO SHO!!
I am cracking up at the different versions, you know I believe Rob's b/c I am invisioning Skyline! But I know you had a great time, b/c if the kids are content we all now MOMMY is content, especially if we are getting a TAN!!!!

Martha said...

I wouldn't even think about taking a book to the pool ... It's all about your expectations, I guess! :)

RichFam said...

Congrats on the minor victory of one-time optimism!

(I am a struggling pessimist myself, so I feel ya!) :o)

--Michelle (and Jay) Richardson <><

Bronie said...

taking a book to the pool with kids (and expecting to read it) is kinda like putting fat-free whipped cream on top of an ice cream sundae and expecting to lose weight...delusional at best. probably made him LOOK smart though. :)