Tuesday, June 17, 2008


summer.....low key, lots of cleaning, some camp and i'm working. i usually don't carry any freelance projects into the summer but this year i did. oh joy. nothing like working at home with the kids here.

i just felt like i needed to post to prove i'm still here. if i get too creative in posting then i feel guilty, like i should be using that creativity for my work, if i use too much time to post then i think i should be spending that time with the kids...if i don't post, i feel guilty because i like to journal our ever-so-exciting lives.

here are some pictures of ben's version of recycling....he's digging coins out of the fountain at the neighborhood mexican restaurant. we're so proud.

maybe he can collect enough to help pay for rob's new mower.....or the margaritas.


Misty Burns said...

My goodness..please get that child a pool already!!!! hahaha. good to see you are still around. Good news...Elijah became a christian. yeah!!!

RichFam said...

Welcome back to the blogging world!

And you don't fool me a bit about Ben in the fountain. I think you put him up to it...

Then again, from the pics it looks like he was more than eager to please! ha ha.

Very cute.

--Michelle Richardson <><

Bronie said...

that was a great idea putting him up to that...maybe if he digs enough out of there, it'll pay for the pool you want. just sayin'.

Martha said...

My kids tried to dig out "ICEE money" one day from the theatre fountain. Somehow our kids seem to have a lot in common in the way they think! :)

Maybe we can grab a coffee/diet Coke ... however, you probably want us to stay away since a 30 minute visit turns into a full pool of water and 10 wet towels!

Martha said...

Saw Sarah and Caroline today at Chick Filet. Hank was really bugging Sarah but I think she might have egged it on just a little! :)