Sunday, September 21, 2008

the rest of the story...

i didn't want to go to press until i had the full story...i had no idea i had such a captive audience.

here's what "supposedly" happened...

sarah and our other daughter/neighbor were playing with ben...they zipped him up in a folding chair carrying bag and were holding him and walking around. of course, he loved it, he had their full attention and could "breathe, mom, we didn't zip his head, just to up above his elbows."

the girls put him down ("please put him down girls, you might drop him and he could get hurt") and when they put him down he tried to take a the zipped up bag. ouch.

that's it, nothing too unusual...except that everyone actually had the same story, even ben.

of course he fell on the playground this morning at church....and i'll give you ONE guess what he hit.


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The growing Adkinson family said...

SOunds like fun to be carried around in a bag. :) These girls love to be little moms huh. Thanks fot giving us the rest of the story.