Saturday, October 18, 2008

these boots are made for...

running the mile apparently.

the last day before fall break sarah dressed for school in boots for their class fall party...totally forgetting that she had gym (and why would i keep track of that, it's not like i'm her mom...)

i was stopped by the gym teacher in the hall after the party...she told me to ask sarah what she did today. immediately my mind raced with "uh-oh" and she just laughed and said, "no, it's not bad, just ask her"

so i did.

she had to run the her boots.

she did it was no big deal. i guess there is a little texas blood in her.

that's my girl.


The growing Adkinson family said...

Thats good to be able to run in boots.I think I just might fall.

Hey I gave u a blog award check it out at my blog. :)

RichFam said...

That is some super female boot-lovin' power right there! Yee haw! :o)

I actually love those boots. They are nice, and I wish they made them in my size! :o)

Lisa said...

And we would have certainly used it as an excuse NOT to practice, and lie around in the sun on the high jump pit.

Misty Burns said...

Rock on em' how it's done!! woo hoo!