Wednesday, October 1, 2008

silence is golden...

sarah had her fist violin workshop over the weekend. i remember a few from when i was young, they were fun (mostly because i didn't know too many songs so i got to run around a lot)...but i was a little worried that it would be too much of a good thing for her (like stuffing your mouth with marshmellows...they taste good one at a time but too many and you just gag.)

anyway, she loved it...all of it. wow. surprised me!

here is one of the reasons / teachers...not your typical teaching style. it may seem weird to you but after being told over and over what to do and what not to do (by me or rob of course) this teacher just walked up, said nothing and just started 'doing'....and they followed along better than they had all day.

yes, he eventually talked...and laughed...i just thought sitting there, observing the kids, how amazing it was that the kids just set up and jumped right in (and i didn't even have to boss anyone woo-hoo!)

sarah's actual teacher set up the entire workshop and it wasn't until saturday at lunch that all the parents realized we did NOTHING to help...she didn't ask us to bake cookies or anything and the whole workshop was unbelievably organized (so there's your first hint that i didn't help). wow again.

if you can't pick out sarah she is on the far left in the brown shirt - you know, the cute one.


RichFam said...

How neat and fun. It was apparent he had every student's attention and respect. It is teachers like that who will make lifelong impressions on those kids.

My only critique... Sarah should have shown up on stage showing off her new hair stylin' skillz! :o)

The growing Adkinson family said...

Looks like fun. I love the violin, such a pretty sound. And of course Sarah is the cute one. :)

Kerry said...

she's going to grow up and be a Dixie Chick and then you will be set!!

Misty Burns said...

silence IS golden....yeah..nothing to follow that..just saying. hahaha. she is so precious! looks like they all had fun!

Bronie said...

silence is golden. yeah, that's what i hear. i wouldn't know.