Monday, November 10, 2008

rock on!

well, if you haven't heard are hearing it now...or you will when you click the link.

rob's 2nd musical is wrapping up and we, like all good americans, totally hired our own kid to work in the studio. yep, nepotism at it's finest.

caleb has several solos (he's getting the hang of it...) and sarah got a few lines again this year. she's very "understanding" about the fact she's too young to be in the studio full-time. yeh, right. she's STILL not over it and at this rate...i think she has enough drama to do every character herself!

even ben is singing these songs so i hope you buy, um, i mean, like it!

(caleb has a solo in #2 - the papparazzi line...and then is also the "bad" audition, song #3)


kelly said...

Check out Lake Highlands HS varsity volleyball at or on the website for Lake Highlands HS. The Lady Wildcats are one of the four remaining teams for 5A State!

Susan @ CreativeBibleStudy said...

Love the new musical! I put the youtube sample on my blog. Also, thank you so much for putting my blog link on your page; I really appreciate it!

In Christ,
Susan <><

Lisa said...

I am overwhelmingly impressed. The talent and creativity that both you and Rob have and how you have involved your kids and introduced them to such oppotunities is wonderful. What a gift you have in your talent and your faith. Your family is blessed through each of you and in Christ. It is truly inspiring!

Anya said...

Hey Kirsten, I just listened to the Let's Rock clip, that is really great! I like everything that y'all have done, very exciting!