Saturday, November 1, 2008


ok. so i'm SUPPOSED to post pictures of the kids in their costumes....yeh, i don't have any.

seriously. rob is still in peru so getting 3 kids in costumes, um, and myself, took a little time considering the following:

1. caleb is too cool to go trick or treating BUT he still needed help with his bling. (he WAS going to be Erkel but decided he didn't LOOK like him...hmmm, wonder why. so he decided to be a rapper...he seemed to have a 'theme' this year.)

2. sarah needed her hair to look like a fairy...she wasn't EXACTLY sure what that was BUT we tried about a dozen hair-dos and don'ts. not sure if she was ever really happy but i'm sure we took out a layer of the ozone with the pink hairspray.

3. ben doesn't like costumes despite the fact he plays dress-up almost daily AND his costume was Handy Manny which required jeans, t-shirt and baseball hat. he finally decided 2 hours into the party that he was ready for his costume.

4. costume was pretty easy. a friend took this picture on her phone to send rob...i'm sure he was really excited to get it. i can hear him roll his eyes all the way from here.

i'll post pictures of the kids when my friends send them to me...they had cameras...i had 3 kids in 10 different directions!


The growing Adkinson family said...

Too funny. Wow I cant believe it I thought I was the only bad one about taking pics. I got 2 before we headed out and thats it. I like ur costume. Looks like fun. :)

Misty Burns said...

I LOVE IT! I forget how much fun you and Rob have dressing up for halloween. Great costume!!!!

Bronie said...

wow! i don't remember velma being so *hot* or so tall. hehe i bet rob was THRILLED to get that pic. see what he misses when he's away?

Kerry said...

I HOPE THAT WAS A WIG!!!! You learned your lesson with spray painting you hair for GINGER!!! Rob probably would have preferred a picture in a different dress up!

Sonja Chandler said...

Jinkies Kirsten I almost didn't know that was you.