Saturday, February 7, 2009

dance dance...realization

the new dance craze is, of course, a video game. one you have to buy...

the school board in our county owns a DDR (dance dance revolution...for you rookies out there) and passes it around to the different schools for gym class. not a bad idea actually. the kids LOOOOOVE it.

the parents were 'invited' to join the kids and play. honestly, caleb won fair and square. granted i AM a little competitive but there was something inside me that thought...being a boy and losing to your mom infront of the whole 5th grade.....yeh, not a good thing. sarah also beat me...although she wouldn't give me a high five afterwards, she was all business.

i did laugh at the difference between sarah and caleb in gym...2nd grade girl....5th grade boy.

i promised both of them i wouldn't do anything that resembled real dancing...i wouldn't shake anything or clap my hands. they obviously got together and discussed my being "allowed" to go to their class...they agreed on a list of do's and don'ts. nice to know they can get along when they need to.


Misty Burns said...

awe those vids are so cute!!! sounds like fun!

Bronie said...

ok, so we were totally looking for the video of the parents... cough it up. :)