Sunday, March 8, 2009

no one believes me...

i know i've been busy...spring is just crazy with kids, work and things suffer...laundry, dusting, grocery store runs....and now the blog. i think i'll start by updating the blog first although doing laundry just sounds so fun.

i did get an e-mail from the "blog police" inquiring about updates...nice to know someone misses our dysfunction and chaos.

i told practically everyone our Christmas tree stayed up for a looooong time. too long. no one believes me. here's proof. we decorated it for valentine's day.

sad to say we finally took the tree down. not that we couldn't find more decorations for the coming months (do you know they actually sell eggs that you can hang...weird).


Misty Burns said...

girl you guys r hilarious!!! I understand about updating the blog!I was so behind on it. I just updated ours a few days ago. just have been so busy with ball and stuff. anyway...good to see you guys again. love the pic!

Bronie said...

well, crap. i was really looking forward to the sparklers on the fourth of july tree.