Sunday, March 29, 2009

my mission...if i choose to accept it

ben obviously wanted something he couldn't reach...he worked his way up a chair and two beanbags to his desired destination. he was so excited to claim victory ... until he realized he needed to tell me something.


(again) "you need to dust up here..."

thanks tell me something i don't know.

(can you tell we live in tennessee? wow. nice accent.)


Misty Burns said...

awe how precious!!!!! hey...he could have a texas accent...wearing cowboy boots and all! so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!! and I LOVE his accent!! He so SOUTHERN!!

Bronie said...

holy crap! how many syllables was that exactly? hahahahaha too funny. you should have handed him the pledge... you know, since he was already up there.

Martha said...

Too funny ... You need to give him a dust rag and some Pledge and see what happens. :)

Kristen said...

That is great! Does he drink sweet tea too? LOL! I say that because my kids do..and they ask for it everytime we leave North Carolina. Scott said it was time to move because our kids had developed the NC accent. It's all good. I love it! We are looking into retirement in TN..maybe we'll see you again some day. Your kids are precious!