Friday, September 14, 2007

Blog Pressure

Picking out a blog template is like shopping for a prom dress...too dark, too much going on, too plain, not my color. gee whiz. I just wanted to slap up a few pictures so all of my friends (both of them) could go on-line and see how cute my kids are.

I can see I will quickly become very addicted to this blog thing. You know me, I love to talk so this will act as a form of communication. Hopefully it will relieve my local friends when it comes to me running my mouth. (did I just hear half my neighborhood cheering?)

I think I will call it quits for the night. I'm tired and actually have nothing else to say.....yes, it did just freeze over.

1 comment:

Bronie said...

Yippee!!! So glad you took the bait! Fellow blogger, can I just say this is cheaper than therapy (and doesn't wear out our husbands nearly as much as actually "saying" everything that crosses our minds)! Love the pics! Ben looks like a little stinker. I know...I have one.