Monday, September 17, 2007

down the drain

Sometimes the kids are so nice with each other that I just want to jump in and take credit...then there are other times I tell Rob that 'his kids' are at it again.

Sarah has
to read 100 books for first grade so EVERYONE is reading, Ben, Caleb, Webkinz, Maggie. Ben must have been bored with all that reading and decided to brush his teeth...with ALL of our toothpaste. I was doing laundry (surprise) thinking the kids were all reading. I was having one of those 'isn't this nice' moments. I was wrong. Funny - that's the first time.

Oh wel
l, the toothpaste picture is the only 'real time' action shot. The other reading pictures are from the last few weeks. I guess taking Ben's picture didn't exactly send the message that this was not a good idea. There goes another parenting moment down the drain...with a whole tube of toothpaste.

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Bronie said...

hahaha that's funny. i don't care who you are. did any of it actually make it onto his teeth? best case scenario...maybe you'll have a dentist in the family. on the other hand, that "creative" gene may have kicked in and you could have a graffiti artist on your hands.