Sunday, September 2, 2007

day one

Well, for 2 Mac crazy people you think we would have started a blog much earlier but I'm going to try this.....for now. It's a good way to procrastinate.


Bronie said...

ok. i have to leave a comment because your post looks a little lonely. come on, kirsten! pics, please. HTML is such a foreign language to me, thus i use the nice little pre-made template. you speak HTML, don't you? teach me please. so far i am only bilingual...english and sarcasm. i'm trying to learn spanish only because my 7th grader has to and i homeschool! lol

Scott O'Neal said...

I can't let Bronie have all the fun! Welcome to Blogland, a fun and easy way to speak your mind and share pictures and such! We sure do miss you guys!