Tuesday, May 6, 2008

not about us

Well today was not about me, the kids or even the dog. Today was about our nephew Luke. He was almost 11 weeks old and quite an evangelist even though he never spoke a word or even left his bed. His story and the faith of his parents and brother and sister will live forever. Luke passed into Heaven this afternoon...he's running freely without wires and tubes and nurses.

We've buried Rob's 100 year old grandmother and now we are traveling to the funeral of our nephew...not even a full 3 months old. I guess there is no magic age, no special number of days, week or years that will make you feel good about saying good-bye.

Believing in a loving God doesn't mean that things like this are simple. It just means that we admit we are not perfect and that our ways are not best and that as good as this life gets it still hurts. In the comfort of our air conditioned homes and spiffy (yep, I said spiffy) cars this world is good and sometimes pretty cool, but not great, it is not home and is not eternal.

In the midst of their sadness they are able to say it's not about them either....they have asked:

"Susan & I request that instead of flowers that if you feel led to send something, to please donate to the children's ministry at New Hope or to our Nigerian Mission Project which provides medical care & water to our friends in Nigeria, just designate one or the other. You can send a check payable to New Hope Baptist Church the website is www.newhopebc.org & the address is 551 New Hope Rd. Fayetteville, Ga. 30214 & just put a note in the memo."

(These pictures are from the many visits to the NICU in Atlanta...this is Sydney and Hogan with their little brother.)


Bronie said...

i just don't have words. praying for safe travel for you guys. had jane gone home yet? luke's short life touched so many lives. God is still God, and he's still good, but understanding does not come easy.

Penny Barber said...


You make me laugh even in the darkest of days! thanks for who you are for Eric and Susan. I love you for that.

Just want you to know that my closet and house are equal to yours and that you would feel right at home. So please come stay with us over the weekend. We want the kids and Rob too( but he has to keep all comments about the laundry and state of the kitchen floor at the door)! Coston has already made a place for his "sudo cousin" Caleb in his room. We realy want ya'll to stay with us. Love, Penny

Misty Burns said...

I know this may sound weird, but after reading Susan's blog I felt like I lost something. I have been praying for Luke and his family for a while now, and after reading the blog...I just hurt. I hurt for your entire family. I know God only gives us these babies but for a short time...but it still hurts. I will keep your family in my prayers.