Thursday, May 22, 2008

shameless plug?

it's my, don't feel bad. i didn't expect you to remember. it's thursday night and i'm trying to wrap up some work so i can get out of here and enjoy my weekend but when i realized it's officially past midnight (the 23rd) i thought i should at least commemorate today.

so far it's shaping up to be a great weekend (despite some unexpected drama that i can easily sweep under my emotional rug because with age comes perspective - can i hear an "amen!")

- caleb's team won...he got in to pitch the last 2 innings and did really GREAT!

- sarah's first grade class had an end of the year pool party...they had snow cones for the kids and adults...who doesn't love a snow cone. (ok, i admit, our snow cones had a little different flavoring....)

- ben threw millie's toy in the toilet, not exactly in line with the caleb and sarah's stories but i found it funny. ben was really heartbroken when rob told him that wasn't a good idea - ben was honestly shocked at that reality.

anyway, it's my birthday and i plan on celebrating all weekend. IKEA here i come!

so what good is a post without a picture...i found one of my favorites. it was 1974...i was 3. (do the math...) as i flipped through my book of old pictures i realized i had this dress on A LOT, with the boots, must have been a favorite.


Beth O'Neal said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday dear Kirsten. Happy Birthday to YOU!

God's Blessings to YOU! God's Blessings to YOU! God's Blessings dear Kirsten. God's Blessings to YOU!

Happy Birthday from the O'Neal clan.

The growing Adkinson family said...

Yeah Happy Birthday! I hope you have fun. U know u should call me and we should go out on a girls night :) I could really use one this weekend. Hey are u going to stick ur face in your birthday cake?

Bronie said...

i actually did remember, but having the attention span of a gnat, i forgot to get your card in the mail. hope your weekend rocks! your card should arrive by...father's day? :) happy birthday!

Misty Burns said...

congrats!!!! hope you have a great weekend. i was not born in 74, but i am sure it was a great year! hahaha. i cant say that with mike so i milk it when i can...dont fret i was born in 77 not long after you!!!

Martha said...

Hope you had a nice b-day ... Call me and let me know what you bought at IKEA.

Kerry said...

Well look at you! Aren't you CUTE!! what happened??????? HAHA!! YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!!! Sorry I missed you birthday, we were hanging with Mickey!!!