Friday, January 9, 2009


i love blogs....i tend to "waste" time in the computer are some favorites. trying to live in the design world requires a little research and updating daily so i visit several places to connect with others (ya know, something or someone other than lego, american girl of video me crazy).

here are some favorites:

design aglow
making it lovely

of course there are some sites that are more 'businessy' but that's no fun. enjoy.....the procrastination. :)


Scott said...

Thanks for the sites! I love to look and learn from other people. I do the same with recipe sites, I probably have a 50 blogs that I look at for new recipes.

If you have any work, send it my way, I never have enough to do! LOL! Now I'll spend more time looking at your artsy sites trying to get new ideas! Thanks alot!

Sonja Chandler said...

Yes, Stacy J. is a favorite of mine also.
Great sites!
How come we have never talked about "artsy stuff" together before on the sideline or at preschool?
What were we thinkin?