Monday, January 5, 2009

worth a try

so with ALL that i have on my "mental" to-do list i am adding another project. well, maybe.

365 give away

this scrapbook kit is quite a thrill for those of you who scrapbook. stop laughing....i know i don't "officially" scrapbook but i do use this stuff for art projects and the only way to win this 365 kit is to blog about it on my page so i will be entered in the drawing.

i know. i never win these things either.

oh well, i did buy a lottery ticket over the weekend. i'm bound to win something.

1 comment:

RichFam said...

Cool stuff!

I went ahead and entered as a follower to that blog, so maybe one of us will win, anyway. (unfortunately it's not likely, since there are nearly 400 followers!) ha ha. Oh well.

Good luck, either way! :o)