Wednesday, January 28, 2009


my computer is just not feeling ok lately. i think it's the hiccups but i'm worried it may be something more terminal so i spent last backing up everything. EVERYTHING. everything.

i ran across a few million pictures on my iphoto and unlike some people i will not mention by name (only because i'm married to him) i backed up the photos 'correctly' onto an external hardrive and pulled a few to share. i would post more but i'm sure the blogging world has a limit. i just thought these were pretty eye opening when compared to us 'today.'

sarah's first recital...she didn't even play, she sang the "how to hold your violin" song. she just graduated from Suzuki Book 1 this week. WOO-HOO!!!

ben...he was soooo little. this picture was taken the winter he was so sick that he just didn't grow and they ran test after test. this week he just ran and tested me over and over. we went to see a movie and caleb helped watch the younger kids. caleb hasn't changed much in the way he looks in this picture but he sure has grown up.

wow. time flies. well, except when your computer isn't working...then it's like time stands still.


Misty Burns said...

yeah, i understand about computers making time STAND STILL. The pics are GREAT. it is funny how much caleb and elijah favor some. I think it is the face. they both have round CUTIE PIE faces. sweet! also your word verification was funny today it says "badest"..:)

RichFam said...

It is always an eye opener to look back at "old" photographs. It seems that you don't realize how much the time has changed them until you see it in the pictures. It makes me just want to hold them and stare at them every moment.

Of course, when they are squirming to get away from you, and fighting and hitting each other, you tend to wish time would ZOOM them to adulthood already! :o)

(btw... word verification this time is "nositsup".) :o)

Anonymous said...

was it summer or winter? Ben has on swim trunks and a flannel shirt?? :)
2 words...EXTERNAL HARDRIVE!! It will yanked from that computer in case of emergency!