Sunday, April 19, 2009


i know some parents roll their eyes when the game schedules are posted...i, on the other hand, love it. (maybe because i know i can't be at the ball field and in the laundry room at the same time)

here are some pictures from our saturday...and sure enough, no baseball pictures. maybe it's because i was so distracted by SOMEONE asking about snacks every 3 minutes through the double-header. (and honestly, ben had plenty of snacks...and breakfast before we even got there!)

we started off with caleb's double header (no pictures)...then sarah's soccer game (ben was finally a little tired so he sat)...straight to the kids' fun run (5k) and carnival with the Predators hockey mascot, lots of fast food, cotton candy, things that inflate and dunk booths...i'm so ready for summer!!!


Bronie said...

jay would play on sara's team just to get a sundrop t-shirt. :) and maybe, you know, an actual sundrop. he calls it TN crack because we can't get them down here in the deeeeeeeep south. but we have aisles and aisles of liquor at the winn-dixie. :)

Misty Burns said...

why are children like that? I mean as soon as we get to the park, the kids are dying of thirst and hunger. knowing good and well we just fed them before we left. oh well. I am with you on the baseball thing. we so get into it. i even found the cutest baseball background...just wished they had a softball background. oh well means the same.