Thursday, March 27, 2008

oh the places you go...

if you haven't seen the latest dr. seuss movie (horton hears a who)....go. it's worth the popcorn and a coke. we loved it...all of us from age 2 - old.

to top off the movie we headed to ihop to eat from their dr. seuss you can see it was a huge hit. come on...who doesn't love pancakes with a lollipop.

we went to a movie
and went out to eat
and out we all went
we all thought it was neat
out out out we all went

the movie was perfect
down to each little who
and what and whatever
in our seats we were glued

but once it was over
we just couldn't stop
so a trip to eat pancakes
with a pink lollipop

we liked the pink goo
and the blue syrup mess
red and blue jell-o
in the sprite was the best

we liked the things we got to do
we liked the movie and the pancakes too
yes, we liked them and so would you


Bronie said...

did you bribe your kids to sit there like that?

no, mine would not, without a huge spat!

maybe it's sugar that causes such acting?

the fussing and fighting would be so distracting!

he touched my straw! she drank my drink!

mama needs a drink...that's what i think.

maybe to this movie we all will flee...

in hopes of creating a loving family!

Sherry said... guys are hysterical! Pancakes look yummy, not so sure about the jello.
Dezanne, Hannah & Sofa saw Horton while I saw the inside of a hospital all day...they loved it!!!

By the way, the picture of the week is Sofa, our dog Dude, & Sally the cat.

Misty Burns said...

ok, seriously ya'll have to stop with the rhyming....too funny!!! The kids are precious!

Martha said...

What up? Give me a call. Love these photos ... they make me hungry for pancakes. :)