Thursday, March 6, 2008

parade of fools

i always knew sarah was a leader...this takes the cake (and the wagon and the sled and the basketball and her little brother). the best part was, which you can't see, sarah put a jingle bell bracelet on ben's right arm and told him to shake it and cheer while she pulled him. sure enough, that's exactly what he was doing. he's going to make a great husband. ha.

yes, the goggles were the only form of safety gear issued for this ride. ben could have fallen off the sled and busted his head but at least he would have been able to see the ambulance coming.


Bronie said...

all right sista. you owe me a new keyboard. i spit my iced tea right out of my mouth and onto my keyboard when i got to the ambulance comment. least he can see it coming...i didn't.

Honeycutts said...

Well sister you owe me a new heart! I am right there with your friend bronie. I nearly had a heart attack laughing!! I am telling you write a book girl!!
Texas cousin

The growing Adkinson family said...
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The growing Adkinson family said...

sorry about the last post I had a typo and it wouldnt let me just fix it i had to delete it all. Sarah is too funny what is it about the girls making the boys do this funny stuff? Oh and by the way u can come and walk and hold bella anytime. I forgot about that at rio bravo with caleb that time. I love this post though its too cute. Maybe they will get to use that sled this weekend??????