Wednesday, March 5, 2008

rush more...

sarah had an American project due. oops. "we" forgot.

i happened to check the messages that morning and heard my friend asking if the kids were supposed to write a few sentences describing their American project ... panic.

i turned on my calm voice and quickly told sarah we had to have craft time before school. she LOVED that.

play-doh + lightbulb box + 15 minutes = Mount Rushmore

she was proud of her art work.

i was proud no one melted down.

ben was proud of his all his play-doh spread out on the kitchen table (until he realized it was going to school with sarah).

all in all i think sarah's Mt. Rushmore project was pretty appropriate ... after all, that's what i do day to day...rush more.


Misty Burns said...

No Fair!! you are to creative. i would have asked for an extension! looked great!

Honeycutts said...

You need to write a book not a blog!!! I have never in my life laughed so much!! I am so glad that you do this because it keeps me closer to your kids. You are an outstanding MOM!!! We would have had a melt down and I am a teacher. I am going to send my kids down for some training.
Love you,
Keep the laughs coming!!

Bronie said...
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Bronie said...

sorry about that. it's hard to type with a monkey helping you. way too many typos to even make sense.

what i was trying to say is that we may have had to take a "sick" day. haha by the way, who's that third guy? can't remember which one he is.