Friday, April 18, 2008

beat you to it...

this week rob threatened to take a picture of my closet and post it on his blog. i laughed, said "i dare you" and went on with my "schedule" - which, by the way, did not include cleaning out my closet.

here it is in all it's glory. a friend of mine in texas called last week and said they got hit by a tornado, i replied, so did we...just hit the inside of the house. weird.

as most of the people around me know....spring is my busiest time with work so i always, work, diet coke, shower, sleep is further down the list and the house is somewhere dead last.

for the first time in a long time rob actually sees something half-full....problem is, it's the closet. oh well, gotta start somewhere.

AND....why would i post this on my blog for you to roll your eyes and say, "i can't believe she would post her mess"....let's be honest here. i don't care what you think of my mess, my mess doesn't define me.

i'll quote rob when i say (from his blog) “the older I get” the more comfortable I become with who I am, and who God has created me to be--regardless of what you think.

i think i'd be more embarrassed if my closet was clean and my kids were a mess.


Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! I also am coming to terms with who I am and you've encouraged me to be more open...yep, I'm a blog your are hilarious and your blog makes me feel even more comfy in my own skin...I haven't seen Jane in a long time and it's great to see pics of her and your family...I can't believe how grown up they all are!!! Catch you later :)

Anonymous said...

AMEN SISTER!!! although I DID just clean my cupboard and by spice cabinet! :)

Misty Burns said...

Girl!! who has time to clean the house with three children?? Especially during ball season. Abigail has open tournament this week, and they keep winning. However, that means NOTHING is getting done in this house! oh well, summer will be here soon enough, maybe i will clean then. hahaha. hope to update the blog soon with pics and video of abigail. she is quite the ball player!

Bronie said...

ok, can we all shout a big "WHO CARES?!" feel better? as long as everyone has clean clothes to wear, is getting fed, yada yada, the closet would be pretty low on my list. especially if i were bringing in those BIG checks. :D

Honeycutts said...

You tell him Kirsten!! I send you a great picture of him from his childhood to post! That will teach him! You crack me up. We tend to have the same feelings about house and the order that things should be done. Sometimes however we do run out of underwear. I need to buy some more! I am also coming to terms with who I am and that is just the way it is also. I just love you! I am so glad you are apart of our family!
Love you,

Martha said...

This is funny ... because the rest of your house doesn't look messy at all. My house is the opposite ... my house is a mess but my closet is clean. What does that say about us? :)