Monday, April 21, 2008

sun up, sun down...sunday

the sun was up and so were the we headed to krispy kreme for a good dose of sugar. are you asking yourself, "hmmm, donuts before or after church?" well, the answer is, instead of church.

our church challenged us to "BE" the church instead of just "GO" to church so we spent saturday working with a small hispanic church in our neighborhood. we painted, weeded, planted, cleaned...basically everything i haven't done at my house lately.

our community group is starting a relationship with this church that we plan to continue after this weekend. it was a busy day and believe it or not NO PICTURES!!! crazy, i know....

so that left sunday open. after our healthy breakfast and quick lunch at SATCO (san antonio taco company) we actually had a church worship service at the park in the amphitheater. the weather was PERFECT, the kids were wound up and the music was loud. it was a great night.

the evening finished when the sun went down and everyone and everything was packed in the wagon...

i can't wait til one wanted to get up for school this morning...including me.


Misty Burns said...

What a great idea about church! It sounded like such a great day! The kids are precious. I know what you mean about summer. After all of this ball, Abigail has had a hard time getting up in the morning. I posted new pics and video of her ball.

Bronie said...

that's fantastic! you guys really are setting the bar high for creativity within the chuch body. it's awesome!

besides, how can you go wrong when you start the day with krispy kreme? i mean, come on!