Tuesday, April 1, 2008

gift (?) of gab...

ok. so i talk a lot. at least i know it.

sometimes it's because i'm bored or need someone over 4 feet to acknowledge me...or maybe just because no one else is talking. like right now, i'm not talking but i'm pretty sure typing is a form of talking.

my sister is a talker, we talk a lot. mostly about stuff that doesn't matter...entertainment news. sometimes about family, but mostly about E! news.

i talk often to my sister-in-law too. especially lately with her son being in the hospital. i don't ask for medical type stuff...just the basic updates, then i'm off, rambling about catalogs and swimsuits....TJ Maxx and Target. i don't think she cares what i'm talking about...but we sure can fill up the time it takes her to drive home from the hospital. my friends sitting by me at sarah's dance class today listened to most of our conversation (my side of it) and when i hung up asked for another update on luke. i didn't have much to offer but laughed to myself when i thought i could tell them susan bought 2 new pairs of pants that fit finally...you know, the random things.

as i continue to busy myself and my 3 kids with "daily things"... i realize i have raised talkers (which is good...right?) all the way home from dance today everyone was talking...all of us, even me. i'm not sure it was one conversation with 4 participants...i'm pretty sure we all had our own thing going.

we've talked about everything and everyone lately....today's list included luke, spiderman, april fool's pranks, dog training, Jesus, Texas, swim lessons, running, airplanes, crunchy ice, frogs, birthday cake, flip flops, backyardigans, starbucks, cheese, medicine, haircuts and homework....i know there is more but believe it or not, i'm actually getting tired.

since the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words"...i'm not posting a picture today. i think i already reached my limit.


Misty Burns said...

i love that! Talking is definately one of my best qualities. Sometimes, after my conversations with people, i think to myself.."did they really need to know all of that?" Abigail has inherited my gift of gab...she makes A's on her report card, but always has something about "talking while she should be listening."!!!!

Martha said...

You ... a talker? I'm totally in shock.

Now, what did surprise me was that you are a follower of E! news. So you are telling me that you are my source for what's up with Brad, Angelina and Brittney? Or is this an attempt at sarcasm? :)

Come on over to my blog and check out your little guy. He's looking pretty cute!

Bronie said...

uh huh. wait...was that your limit or ours?