Sunday, April 13, 2008


we just got back from Rob's grandmother's funeral...this time it was on his dad's side - Nanny Howard.

we drove down to Portageville and explained to the kids we were going to a very small town (best example Rob could come up with...Radiator Springs from the movie CARS, it worked, although ben did ask to see Mater...)

we drove by the house Rob's dad grew up in, his grandpa BUILT it, didn't just buy it...something our kids will never really grasp. the 2 stoplights in town blinked and everyone pretty much knew the Howard family. the thing that amazed Caleb the most...more people attend our church than live in Portageville.

it was an emotional service...mostly because the Howard family is incredibly close and very outspoken. i would have typed obnoxious but most of them read this blog and i don't want to get in trouble... but that's why i loved the weekend. my favorite quote from the funeral is when rob said, "i grew up around a burly group of uncles who are not afraid of sitting in their own puddle of tears."

i think it really hit me because this was the Howard family and it was like we were burying another piece of my father-in-law... Bob died 9 years ago and seeing his brothers and hearing them argue and laugh is a great reminder of him.

we were surrounded by 3 uncles and 1 aunt with enough cousins, 2nd cousins and other relatives to overflow the only catfish restaurant in town (ok, so it wasn't in town...we had to drive 7 minutes down the highway). i tried really hard to take some nice pictures with the family together and this is what i got...the 3 stooges picking up their "big" sister ... and let me remind you, their not 'young' anymore (and YES, i know you guys reading this...)

not that funerals are supposed to be fun, but when you are ALL staying in the 1 motel (not hotel) in a 2 stop light town with 3 uncles...what do you expect.

(Uncle Truman, I couldn't figure out how to turn off the audio so everyone wouldn't hear you say, "whoa, that was a heavy load...." but i doubt anyone will be able to understand you so don't worry.)

i'm sure i'll have more pictures to post...after A LOT of editing.

the only thing (or person missing) was my sister-in-law and her family. i'm sure we would have laughed more and slept less with them around. they stayed home to be with Luke in the NICU. their family was prayed for during the service and talked about at every meal. (their link is listed as aunt susan and uncle eric).


Misty Burns said...

hey kirsten...just wanted you to know that we are continuing to pray for baby luke and his family. sounds like you guys had fun getting to visit with family. i know about that small town stuff. we have one redlight!! let's just say if you do not know whats going on in your own life, someone else can tell you.

Bronie said...

glad you guys had a safe trip. it's such a blessing that even during a sad time, a good time can still be had when we know God is in control. it's really more of a celebration and a send-off than a funeral. that's awesome! btw, the video is too funny! i bet Bob would have laughed hard at that one! :)

Bronie said...

ok. i'm back to tell you, "tag! you're it!" come see.