Monday, July 7, 2008

talk about a ride...

we always go to atlanta for july 4th (in fact, last year caleb asked "why don't we have fireworks in nashville...?" because we've not been here to see them that he can remember) i thought that was funny...

anyway, we spent a day at six flags - ben saw thomas the train (an all-time family favorite around here!) and it didn't rain so it was a perfect day.

ben rode his first real coaster - for kids 36 inches tall
sarah rode her first BIG kid coaster for kids over 42 inches
caleb didn't throw up...and he rode everything!
one $13 free-refill plastic six flags cup can feed family of 5 + cousins ALL day

we have a lot of pictures. the video is of sarah's last ride of the night. the park was closing and we decided to ride one more coaster...sure enough, no one was in line, sarah and her cousin sat in front and they let us ride it 4 times in a row...that was really cool.



Bronie said...

hahaha too fun! i love roller coasters. what would have been really fun is if you had screamed the entire time...maybe you can edit that in :)

RichFam said...

Wow! What fun!

Well, except for the whole germ-swapping soda-sharing. Ick!

Ha ha!

Martha said...

I had to double take on Caleb's hair cut. My kiddos are SO needing haircuts!! He looks good with the summer "do."

The Common Link said...

Ok, I'm way higher (and probably wider) than 42" and I threw up just watching the video! What a hoot! So much fun, so many memories. Cynthia Fisher

Tiffany AZ said...

That is awesome. What hilarious kids... "You can see all our videos at www.." Good times good times. I feel a little nauseous though. LOL!