Wednesday, July 30, 2008

taking a 'break'

with 3 kids 'employed' here at the home office i KNEW this was going to happen. my desk broke. i'm not sure if it was the amount of dust that finally made the faux-wood give way or the kids climbing on it...

either way we had to finally fix the problem. we decided to clean the office (well, i didn't 'decide' to do that but really just got forced into it...)

we moved the my work space to a niche in the office and made room for caleb's drum set. yep, not enough noise around here already.

anyway, we built a desk. seriously, in our spare time.

here are a few pictures. rob chopped down a tree, split the logs and sanded them down.

ok. not really...but he did size and cut the boards and secure them together so i could do this cool stain and pour a few coats of poly (that thick clear coat like you see at, that's what someone told me).

well, i LOVE it. i guess now i have to work. darn.


Bronie said...

that looks awesome! haha i guess now rob can add lumberjack to his resume'...and the poly? great idea! now if you accidentally tip over your margarita, er, i mean diet coke while you're working, it'll clean up in a snap. maybe you'll just lick it off?

Kerry said...

you broke my door, I broke your desk... Tit for Tat! :)

Misty Burns said...

you problably needed a break after smelling those fumes..maybe that's why caleb was able to move his drums in there..still a little high off your "work" hahaha. just kidding. looks great

RichFam said...

Nah.... just have someone take some pictures of you at the desk "working", so you will always have "proof" if someone happens to go in there one day and ask. :o)

Martha said...

Hey, Didn't know you got drums ... cool. Bet that is quiet! :)

I was behind you in the car the other day but couldn't call you ... my cell phone battery had died.