Tuesday, August 26, 2008

good clean fun

you know those days when you're trying to get stuff done around the house and you just want the kids to entertain themselves for a little while...well, this is what i get for cleaning the house. i'll never do that again!

clean house, filthy kids.


Kerry said...

you should have joined in, woman pay $100's for those mud facials!!

Misty Burns said...

awe too cute!! at least you can throw them in the shower...you cant throw laundry in there! so be glad u got a clean house!! good for you!

RichFam said...

Sooo... I'm guessing your house stayed clean for a whole... I dunno, 5 minutes??? Ha ha.

Neat trick I learned...
Next time you want to kill 2 birds with one stone (i.e. clean and have them be entertained), give them each some clorox wipes and tell them to have fun around the house and see how dark they can make it!

They will dust, mop and sanitize without even knowing that they're actually cleaning!

It may not work with Caleb, but I know my other ones aren't quite old enough to know the difference!

Ahh... I love that age... :o)