Tuesday, August 19, 2008

wedding crashers

we spent the weekend in kansas city. rob's neighbor growing up FINALLY got married (no pressure). they were brave enough to ask the kids to be involved. (even the wedding photographer thought the blonde kids were mine and the brunettes were my sister-in-law's...we still think that's funny.) as you can see the kids had plenty to do while we were waiting...


- caleb and hogan lit candles (thankfully, nothing else) and survived wearing a real tux (after much eye rolling)

- sydney and sarah would have worn their dresses all weekend if we let them...they were in the wedding party and greeted guests and passed out programs

- ben was the ring bearer...he took his job VERY seriously and got to the end of the aisle, looked up at the groom and back down at the fake rings on the pillow...then proceeded to rip them off the pillow to hand over

- the kids danced til midnight...seriously, even ben

- sydney caught the bouquet

- caleb caught the garter

- we caught a flight home sunday night

- we're all hoping to catch up on some sleep


Misty Burns said...

they are so precious!!!! all of them. great pics!!

The growing Adkinson family said...

sound like a lot of fun. All the kids look so adorable. I love the all black with white ties. Very cute. Sarah and Sydney look so grown up. Ben is a very cute ring bearer. :)

Bronie said...

whoohoo for making it all the way down the aisle! they all look fab in their b&w! very classy.

RichFam said...

Love the thought of little Ben ripping the rings off the pillow. I hope they got that on film! And those outfits are so gorgeous! Such beautiful children. :o)