Thursday, August 7, 2008

best day ever...

i'm sure you've been worried about me all week...and i thank you for your concern. we kicked off the week with ben's 3rd birthday and i crashed with an ear infection and am recovering slowly. i don't mean to sound like a whiner...but wow, it was bad.

back to ben...ahhh, to be 3 again. his birthday wishes included:

DONUTS (can't blame him)
BOUNCY BALLS (the people at Old Navy thought we were nuts...we walked in with an empty bucket and $4 in quarters...ben thought it was HYSTERICAL!)
PIZZA (at chuck e cheese of course!)

we threw in a big balloon of his hero 'Pablo' from the Backyardigans and ta-daah. perfect day.

we just finished off his birthday cake yesterday and he was running down the hall yelling "it gone...gone, we neeeeed cookie cake with Pablo on it."

i'm so proud.


Bronie said...

so is the "chocolate-y type substance" on the beater actually chocolate? and if so, how did it get there? did you, like, use it? I SAID, DID YOU ACTUALLY USE THE MIXER? sorry to yell...hope your ear is better soon! :)

Kerry said...

LOVE the bouncy ball idea!!! Must duplicate some day! Oh... and I have to send you the Pablo costume hat for the show!!I was worried about you, no blogging, no smart @ss comments on my blog, I did see the one on Lisa's!

RichFam said...

Hey, I'd like to have cookie cake with Pablo on it, too!

(is it just me, or are the Backyardigans incredibly entertaining... for a children's show?)

ugh... I need a life.

The growing Adkinson family said...

Looks like fun. What is it with 3 year olds and chuckie cheese I have scheduled brysons there for his b-day in sept. I cant believe that wyatt, ben and almost bryson are 3 it doesnt seen like that long ago we were at my suprise party and they were just itty bitty and bryson was on his way the next weekend. Time flies when u are busy huh? Happy Birthday Ben. I hope ur ear is better.