Saturday, January 5, 2008

ahhh, the game of....

like it's really this easy. the game of life...spin, (feel like spinning out of control), get married (all the pegs 'look' alike so no big decisions there - but really, in today's world you'd think they'd put some curves on those pink pegs), spin again...get kids (hmmm...there's a joke there somewhere)...go around the board (get bored), spin til you are out of places to go (yep, sounds right) get to the end and that's the game of LIFE.

the kids played LIFE over Christmas break with their cousins...they debated whether to go the college route (which was longer...) or just go straight to the workforce. i actually told my kids they didn't have a choice...they had to go the college direction. i stopped the that was a scary parental moment.

they flipped through the career cards like it was a "game".... ha. "doctor? no, too gross," ", you get to be messy" (um, too close to home for me), "marketing, what's that?" like i know...our kids kept asking what the "real jobs" banker? research assistant?.... but musician, artist, pan handler....they got those.

game over and LIFE was packed up neatly in a box and put away. i found a $500 bill under the couch. too bad it was light blue with a cartoon on it. i could have used it now after Christmas.

my LIFE doesn't pack up that easily...i can't fit all my laundry in the hall closet much less in a neat little box and store it on the shelf. but i guess that's why it's so fun to time i think i'll choose the looong college route, marry a musician and have kids!

oh yeh, i already did that. no wonder why i like LIFE. (and yes, that's a ROMO jersey here in nashville...don't tell the neighbors.)

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Bronie said...

hey, don't sweat it. panhandlers do quite well these days. location! location! location!