Wednesday, January 30, 2008

quote for the day...

I'm so far behind ...
I thought I was in first!

i guess it's all how you look at it so therefore, this year i am going to find victory in the small things like:

• ONLY 3 more loads of laundry to go (as opposed to 7)

• 2 out of 4 beds are made (half full ... not half empty)

• it's a GOOD thing we have old carpet since we're getting a puppy

• that green bathroom tile is ALMOST old enough to be "retro cool"

• it's getting warmer so we don't NEED to park in the garage anyway

and you know me, i can't post without at least one picture.

i've been cleaning closets and ben "helped". we found caleb's old baseball tie. ben was so proud to "clip it on" for church last sunday.

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