Tuesday, January 15, 2008

oh deer....

excuse the corny title but i couldn't resist. i was driving home with ben and sarah and as we were turning onto our street we were stopped by this herd in our neighborhood. we counted at least 15. of course i had my camera with me (not sure if i had any real necessities in my purse, like diapers or wallet). we live pretty close to a park and have deer almost weekly in our yard but never this many! i'm just glad they didn't trip over the workbench in our neighbor's yard.....i guess they are used to it by now (after 2 months......cough cough).

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Bronie said...

yep. you might be a redneck if you're driving home and the road is blocked by not just one deer, but the whole herd.

btw, is it legal to shoot them when they are just standing in your yard like that? where's the sport in that? kinda seems too easy. unless of course you're shooting with a camera. haha