Monday, January 21, 2008

it's a girl!

Well, here "she" is....not sure which one just yet but "she" will be part of our chaos some time in February. Her name has been the biggest debate in our house (even bigger than the on-going U.T. standing for Texas...not Tennessee). We visited Timshell Farm in Texas when we were home last fall. (I posted their website link if you are ever interested in a dog...they are great breeders and have been REALLY nice to communicate with us long distance.)

We miss Mozie and Maggie...(but we don't miss Maggie's vet bills). I found this old picture and I'm pretty sure Sarah had something to do with this.


Misty Burns said...

Kirsten, this is Misty again. I hate to tell you this, but I can solve your ongoing U.T. debate. When you live in the great state of TENNESSEE, then you know what it stands for. When you are in Texas, you can call it what you want. Hahahahaha. Thanks for the link, Mike has been wanting a dog. Like we need anymore chaos with baby number three coming.

kirsten said...

Misty, i keep trying to e-mail you back when you post but i don't have an address...congrats on #3! and, no, when we decide to work for the highway road crew then we'll wear that color. until then, hook 'em horns! (unless the kids get a scholarship...then i'll gladly wave that 'other' flag).

Misty Burns said...

i would love to hear from you.