Wednesday, December 24, 2008

sooo cool!

we took the kids to see Grinch in was incredible. the entire concept is still mind boggling but the final product was just awe-inspiring. i'm not over-selling it... it was 9 degrees but the kids just kept asking to stay longer. we all were frozen but we've never seen anything like it.

(and yes, i did make the kids hold hands like the who-ville kids.....i thought it was funny. they did not)

the video is of the little was a huge hit!


Anonymous said...

Very COOL!just like the ICE exhibit here at the Gaylord that we went to! BONE CHILLING!! The kids loved it too! Where is a picture of you in your Grinch shirt with your Grinch Grin?? Come on EVERYONE wants to see it!!

RichFam said...

YES YES!!!! You CAN'T post a story about the Grinch without at least ONE pic of your Grinch grin!!! Come ON! :o)

Emily Weber said...

How fun and I like the Who-ville look!!!
I hope you guys a good Christmas and we missed you guys at Lisa's house.