Tuesday, December 16, 2008


it drives caleb nuts that i post stuff like this.....we are WAY too close to the teenage years to impose on his "coolness" but THIS is worth the risk.

no doubt ben and millie are friends....ben and sarah are definitely playmates...but ben and caleb don't always find time to themselves. caleb asked ben to "sleep-over" and usually ben is too attached to his own space/bed but he jumped at the chance to "tuck in caleb."

THIS is what it's all about......(remind me later....when i forget).


Anonymous said...

This IS what it's all about!! What a great shot! He'll thank you for this picture someday!

Misty Burns said...

oh my....how precious is that face (caleb). he still has that baby face (don't tell him he might get embarrased-haha). That pic is priceless!! Cutie pie little Ben cuddled up next to caleb...brings a tear to my eye!! awesome!!

RichFam said...

Awww.... It really is precious to see brothers bonding like that. How sweet Caleb was to propose such a thing as a sleepover with his little brother. This is a seed that will bloom into a wonderful friendship some day.... AFTER the "cool" teenage years are over with! ha ha. :o)

Bronie said...

too sweet... headlock and all. :)