Monday, December 1, 2008

that time of year...

caleb had waaaaaay too much energy last weekend so i said "go rake leaves...." and had no idea he would do it. oops.

so that took the rest of our day.....37 bags later (just the backyard). the kids had fun, i considered it a work out, rob marked it off his list, millie played and i had something to post on my blog....not bad for one afternoon.

caleb asked for the camera to take a picture of the bags - probably to document the work and to use against us later when he needs money for something.

oh, and sarah finally lost her top front tooth (you can't really tell since her other tooth has already grown in quite a bit).


RichFam said...

Wow! That's a lot of leaves!!!

But at least you have less piles to deal with now. (I'm trying to be more optimistic lately... it is a stretch for me). Ha Ha.

Now it's my turn to go and try to conquer those pesky piles of toys and laundry that taunt me. :o)

Misty Burns said...

go caleb!!! the pics are cute of the kids. It is so good to see that caleb,though he is getting older, can still enjoy playing in big piles of leaves!!!

The growing Adkinson family said...

kids and leaves they love each other. Great photos, have all the leaves fell off at least before all that work> David has mowed the leaves 2 times and they are still all over the place UGH :)

Lisa said...

I remember those days, but to quote Kerry, out here we can fit our leaves into a ziploc!

Sonja Chandler said...

Caleb is one smart kiddo.

Wonder if I to could take pics of the laundry I do and give them to Keith. Think he would pay me?

I could give it a shot.