Tuesday, February 12, 2008

7 lbs. of fluff

(i know mom....enough about the dog already...just one more post)

ben and i gave millie a bath today. she's only 7 lbs. so you can see there's not much to her when she's soaking wet.

as for the rest of the family...i'm gearing up for the spring...birthdays for sarah and caleb. i'm ready for warmer weather, baseball season and running. yes, i said running. i'm not signing up for any races but i'm going to train like i am. this winter weather has made me 'blah' and i feel like i have my own 7 lbs. of fluff i could easily do without. the kids are signed up for the music city marathon again this year so i'm hoping that will jump start all of us into some sort of workout schedule. rob is hoping to hike in colorado this fall so he's realizing hiking when he was 20 something is VERY different than hiking now....when he's old.

maybe he can carry our laundry up and down our stairs for exercise....hmmmmm. i wonder if he'll fall for that.

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Misty Burns said...

She is tooo cuuute!!! hey i started my own blog check it out. it has pics of our new little one!