Monday, February 18, 2008

lucky number 7

sarah wanted a 'red carpet' party... just music, a disco ball and a red carpet. i can handle that...but, well, what do you do with the big brother at an "all girl" birthday party...? here's your answer...SECURITY! caleb thoroughly enjoyed his role....he stood at the door and checked the party list as the guests arrived. sarah thought that was cool. i hope those days of sarah thinking her brother is cool will last a LONG time.....and i hope caleb will always be 'security' for sarah.

i will admit i was a little worried when sarah said she wanted her party at the house this year. last time we tried that - it was the coldest winter in nashville in 100 years, it snowed and yes, it was an outside party for caleb's 5th birthday in April.

i had hoped the kids would be ok with not being AT a party destination....bowling, movie, pizza place, rock climbing, gym, jump zone - but it seemed to be a success as far as the 7 year old girls were concerned. "it rocked!"

it wasn't me. i am no party wizard or martha stewart. we tried a few games but the girls just wanted cupcakes, disco lights and loud music. ahhhh, the simple pleasures. honestly, i think the disco ball was hypnotic once they had all that sugar.

of course, cupcakes always make me happy.


The growing Adkinson family said...

Gosh I cant believe sarah is 7. Time goes by so fast. The party looked like a lot of fun. Bailee is actually going to have her 1st party away from home this year yeah for me less stress. :)

Martha said...

you lie ... you know that you are martha stewart! only a martha would have found the disco ball! :)

Bronie said...

yeah, at least you "found" the disco ball. martha stewart probably would have smashed a bazillion mirrors to make one on tv to make us all feel like schmoes because we can't do it just like her. whatever. at least i've never been to prison. that i recall.

party looks fun.