Thursday, February 28, 2008

"point" of grace

you know those neighbors with the annoying kids who always come over and raid the cabinets and mess up your house.

well, we're those neighbors.

here is ben in our neighbor's pantry... an almost daily ritual. thankfully they seem to think our kids are cute...and they are more than gracious with their snacks and wii.

and, because i love dropping names, this is our neighbor (who will be mad at me for posting this picture)...she is one of the singers in Point of Grace - duh, the whole reason i was clever in my blog title.

please excuse the overzealous double blog posting today. i am not trying to compete with "those other blogs" know, the ones that are all 'deep and meaningful' - posting stuff that is relevant today's culture and spiritual renewal blah, blah, blah. (no offense rob...)


Misty Burns said...

oh, he is too cute. Fortunately, that will be his "saving grace." You guys are too funny.

Bronie said...

oh yeah, shelley's probably loving the picture! but ben looks happy! :)