Sunday, February 24, 2008

ipod ... imac ... iwait

as most of you know we headed to see our new nephew this weekend. it wasn't the homecoming we expected - luke is still in the newborn icu as we wait to see what each day holds.

the kids, however, also waited and waited and waited VERY patiently as family visited. seriously, they were better than most adults i've witnessed recently - having to wait to get their oil changed (oh, that was me...). thanks to gadgets and gizmos...ipods and psp games it made those hours go by a little easier.

anyone who knows me KNOWS i'm not a cook or cleaner (stop laughing) what do i do when someone needs help? easy. we take the kids and run them enough that by the end of the night they are tired and full. it's the only thing i know how to out and run like crazy. i hope it helped.

luke is little but he has made a HUGE impact on all of the kids...i know they would wait in those chairs all night if they knew it would bring him home sooner!

if you want to see pictures of luke and read updates on him their blog is listed under my links. (susan & eric)


Bronie said...

what you do definitely helps, and it's decidedly harder than the cooking or cleaning. praying for all of you...keep us posted.

The growing Adkinson family said...

I am so sorry to hear about what is going on. But God is still in control and can work a miracle. I will be praying for all of you.